Thursday, July 31, 2008

Resources for Babies Everywhere

I have a few articles I wrote over at Associated Content that are on subjects that are important to me: the environment, the wonders of handmade stuff, and babies.

The first is about various Earth-Friendly diapering options. It's called Earth Friendly Diapers: Simplifying the Options for Environmental Diapering. While researching it I became interested in all the disposable options that claim to be better for the environment. I'm doing deeper research into them, and will let you know when I get another follow up piece finished.

The second is about buying custom made personalized diaper bags. I love Etsy for buying handmade items directly from the makers. Most of the sellers there are very nice, and eager to work at creating something super special for you. Here's the article: Have Your Personalized Diaper Bag Made at Etsy

Monday, July 7, 2008

Online Printable Potty Training Success Charts.

A common idea I have seen in just about every parenting and potty training book or article I've ever read is the use of a potty training reward chart. Potty training success charts are simple, there's really not much to them. When the child uses the potty, they get a check mark, or a sticker on their chart. After enough stickers are earned they get a pre-determined award. It's just a little goal to work toward while potty training.

I recently wrote an article about My Favorite Sties for Printable Potty Training Success Charts with reviews of a few charts if you don't feel like making your own. All the site in the article offer free toilet training charts.