Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Matteo's Dream Playground in Concord

This special playground was designed for a boy named Matteo who is blind and wheelchair bound, and other's like him. It is intended to be accessible to children of all levels and abilities. While I doubt all children could utilize all the features, there does seem to be something for everyone here. There are traditional swings, climbing structures, and stairs, but also a lot of ramps, and musical pipes to bang, and some open space.

One feature to note is a sprinkler area that children activate by pushing a button. This caught me off guard at our first visit, but now I know to bring along a towel, or cut the kids off from the water areas enough ahead of time for them to dry out before we leave. On hot summer days though, the water can be wonderful for cooling off.

There is one large covered picnic area that is available for reservation and several other tables that circle the play area. A low fence surrounds the play area and separates it from the tables, although the playground is still visible from the tables. There is also a restroom available.

Matteo's Dream Playground is located in Hillcrest Park at 2050 Olivera Road.

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