Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun Stuff To Do For Kids Anywhere

     To help fill in some of the lag time between posts, I'm starting a new feature of "Fun Stuff To Do For Kids Anywhere" that will not be about a specific Bay Area location or attraction. Instead it will be an idea for something families or kids can do for fun at home (or near home).

     Maybe it will be a craft project, or a game, or an activity that isn't location dependent. It won't always be something exciting, or even all that original. It'll probably be something you could have thought of yourself. Just something to get kids and families doing fun stuff together. Because that is important to me. And sometimes we just don't want to have to go someplace to do it.

     Today's suggestion: Build something with Legos together.

     Put on some fun music and dump your legos on the floor (or other building block things if you don't have legos) and build with your kids. This is fun for toddlers (with toddler safe blocks obviously) up through teens and adults. I remember my dad giving me a small $6 set of legos when I was 28, and we still had fun putting it together together.

     Have Fun!

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