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I'm a homeschooling mom that doesn't stay home much. When I looked back on my childhood, and the things I did that really stuck with me the most, almost none of it happened at school. A couple came from school field trips or special event days at school, but everything else I could think of was from trips with scouts, or more often, museums or special places my parents took me. So I try to provide great learning experiences for my own kids. Sometimes it's museums, but often it's just getting out into the world and exploring that we find these experiences.

The reviews of places in this blog are only my own opinion, and usually based on a single visit to the attraction mentioned. Your mileage may vary. So far, these are all places we chose to visit and paid for on our own. If I find a good deal, or coupon, I'll be sure to mention it. Also, if someday someone somewhere wants to offer us tickets to something in exchange for a review, I will certainly mention that as well.

Someday when I get into a regular, reliable groove of posting, I hope to be able to offer ad space on this blog. After all, I'm trying to raise kids in the Bay Area, and you all know what THAT is like, right? If you are interested in advertising here, please feel free to contact me at catherine.leigh at rocketmail.com (change the 'at' to @).

Since we can't personally visit every fun place in the Bay Area ourselves, I would also invite anyone interested in writing a guest post to contact me as well.

Thanks a bunch!

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